2017 Hair Stylist of the Year Encourages Unity

“I love helping people see the positive aspects of themselves!”

Arion Bezuidenhout

Celebrity Stylist Twincare SA Hairstylist of the Year 2017                                                                   Halo Hair (011) 4479866 (071) 7832483                                                                       arionstylist@gmail.com                                                                                                     arionstylist.wordpress.com arionstylist.co.za

hair stylist award make over specialist luxury service

Bezuidenhout considers himself to be a nurturer, which is why it is no surprise that being a makeover specialist is his favorite part of the job. “I love helping people see the positive aspects of themselves and then interpreting that into a ‘look’ based on their personality type, their facial shape, their hair texture, their skin tone and their lifestyle.”


He advises that it is important for you to change something about your look at least once a year to become used to regular change. “If we get used to seeing ourselves in a slightly different light frequently, a big change is not such an emotional crisis when it does happen.” Bezuidenhout is moving on to his next goal, which includes bridging the racial divide in the hairdressing industry. “I want to try my hand at the Dark and Lovely Golden Scissors competition, which is an Afro hair-styling competition. One doesn’t really find multi-racial salons, so I want to try and encourage unity in the industry in South Africa.”

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